15 Jan 2010

Seoul: Namsan Tower.

It was not as cold today as it was yesterday.
At least in the afternoon.
Today was my day to go shopping. Yum.
First stop, Itaewon. There was a Laneige duty-free shop.
Next stop was MyeongDong.
Skincare shopping of Sheet Masks.  
Etude House. Innis Free. Missha.
FaceShop didn't have that much promotions there. So I decided to skip them.
And head up to Namsan Tower.
A cab up is expensive. 2,400 won! *Aiks*
Cable Car was 7,500won return
Namsan Tower admission 7,000won. Altogether 14,500 won.
It was severely cold.
Down Namsan Tower there was a No.2 Yellow Bus that heads to Donggok University.
That costs only 700won using T-Money card. *Shaits!*
It would have cost only 700won to go up. and 700won to go down. and 7,000 won to go up Namsan Tower.
Oh well. Hmmph!!!
Taking the subway back was 200won- as I had transferred from the bus using T-Money.
I took a hike to E-Mart to check out the FaceShop, but they didn't have the promotions I wanted. LOL
Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

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