4 Jan 2010

Lotte Hotel @ Jeju Island

Hi readers. Can only leave a short note now.

I'm in Jeju-Do. It's been rather cold on the main island of South Korea.
Jeju-Do has been refreshingly  "less colder".

Have to take care of my health as the cold is REALLY cold. It snowed two days ago,... like first time ever since I've been in Korea! It's like a blanket of snow has just covered the city.
Neways, it's good to be here to enjoy the winter. ^^

Currenly in Lotte Hotel (or Resort) whatever this place is called. I heard it is about 300-400,000 won (about 400AUD) per night here. Crazy expensive. That's about Rm1200 per night.....!

The trip by plane took about an hour. For dinner we had sashimi...
thankfully, the malay traveller could enjoy the seafood. Else they'd be missing out on a lot. Hehe.
Because its with a tour, the rates are obviously much cheaper.

Okay, later!

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