18 Jan 2010

ICLS: Beginners II Korean Language Test

Back from my South Korean trip, I now have another hurdle.

I have to sit for my Beginners II Korean Language Test at the ICLS hagwon. Sigh.

So much for rest in the next few days. I guess my "real" blogging will have to wait till I am done with the revision.
The class for the next level starts this coming Saturday, and I can't move up till I pass the exam.

See you guys then!


Matthew Smith said...

just wanted to say that my Korean fiance spent about five years in Malaysia and always has good things to say about the country. Random comment, I know, but I thought I'd tell you :)

CY said...

ohh good.....

hehe.. was at a shopping mall earlier. Sunway Pyramid.

Saw a group of korean teenagers walking around.