13 Jan 2010

Premium Korean Brands.

Premium Korean brand. From 30s.

Mid Premium Korean brand.

Laneige- (main ambassador Song Hye-Kyo)
Mid-premium Korean brand.
From 20s-30s.

Premium Korean brand.
From 30s.

Mamonde- (main ambassador- Han Ga-In)
Premium Korean brand.
From 20s-30s.


Miu said...

the only brand i could identify is Laniege! :(

these are for skincare?

can u find out if rmk is popular there? or faceshop/skinfood? how they fare? are they like watson type of skincare in Korea? since there should be a lot... of brands there

CY said...


Have not seen that around yet.

FaceShop and SKinfood abound here.. its almost everywhere on every corner..

They aren't exactly watson type. The watson type would be a brand that Gu Hye Sun is an ambassador of. Not the Beauty Credit brand that you see in KL, but another one..