7 Jan 2010

Gwangju:In PC Bang now.

I'm currently in a P.C Bang called  ACRO PC zone outside Chonnam University. It's about 500won per hour to use the Internet. It's even cheaper than the one in the university grounds I went to yesterday, which was 800 won per hour.

Charges for using the PC Bang is quite cheap, if not to mention fast too. Thisi probably explains why so many of the youngsters spend time there. It's also a way to get out from the cold without spending too much for a few hours of male-bonding. LOL.

What did I do today? Not much yet. I bought face masks from Etude House for about 3,500 won (about 2,000 won for one mask). The SA gave me a really cute pink wrapped pen with a feathery ball on its end.

I definitely can't get that in Kuala Lumpur.

So far the cold  has been bearable. Yesterday's temperature was the lowest, as reported on the local news. It seems that there is a cold wind blowing over the countries experiencing winter at this time. Which includes Beijing, the United States. India is also cold & foggy now, CNN reported early this morning.

Today would have been a better day to visit Sosaewon, but we're going to Matt's cellgroup meeting, as they are meeting today. For  lunch today, we went to this other cafeteria in the university grounds. Lunch was about  8,000won for two persons.

At the lecturer's cafeteria, Matt ordered a really typical korean dish for me today which is called 'kimchi' something.... its not a typical dish that foreigners can eat, as kimchi itself is already quite sour, and the dish itself has a stronge flavour which most foreigners would not be able to get used to if they have only just started having korean meals not too long ago.

It took me about close to two years before I could actually eat kimchi! The kimchi soup thingy he ordered is actually good for people living in the cold- its not really spicy, but has quite a strong sour taste. But it seems to be nourishingly good and nurturing for winter- which also probably explains why the locals here do not get sick in the cold winter?

This cafeteria allows the customers to have more than one round of side dishes, but it also costs a bit more than the 2,000 won per customer in the Student cafeteria that Matt had brought me to earlier.


Attending a christian congregation and bible study totally in a korean language is a totally unique experience. Nevermind that I did not really understand what they were talking about.

I could definitely read the korean words on the overhead projector, and sing along, but it was just that.

We went for dinner in Gwangju downtown City area. It was this really posh place? which offered a western set of pizza, spaghetti and soup.

As said before, it is really not the best idea to be going to an Asian country if one is looking for western fare. Ordering food of the country's origins is always a better option. The dinner came up to about 27,000won for four persons.

From my experience, I have noticed that the servers do not provide receipts after payments. In a way, it is not a good practice for customers as receipts serve to protect customers to inform the front desk that their meals have already been paid for. If I need to make claims. Or at least if I want to return my items purchased.

I should insist on my receipts in future after paying for any item. At least for my time remaining in South Korea. The korean phrase to request for word foor receipt is "영수증을 주세요. "- "yeong.su.jeong.ul-chu.sae.yo". (Receipt please!).

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