23 Jan 2010

New Year's Giveaway: The Winners!

Okay, I am finally done with the whole Korean language test Beginners Level. Yes, and I passed! ^^
Now, I'm up to Elementary level at ICLS, and believe it.. it is getting harder and harder. To think, all the verbs and tenses and grammar we had to absorb in!! >.<

So I finally have the peace and time to write this entry.. *dum dum dum*

The WINNERS are:
Mary Chia- FREE Detox Weight Programme or Pampering Facial (worth up to RM250) -
Winner: MizSVinz. leve_17 at yahoo.com

Adonis Wellness - FREE Eye Treatment worth RM80 -
Winner: Alyette. alyette.t@gmail.com.

Mayfair- FREE NL909 Ion Static Therapy (worth RM300)
Winner: jscheong21@hotmail.com Stylish One- jscheong21 at hotmail.com

128 Faubourg- FREE Refirming Neck and Decollete Treatment worth RM70.
Winner: TS xiu1999 at yahoo.com

Okay girls, please email me your full name & mailing address to thebeautyregime at gmail.com so the vouchers can be delivered. ENJOY! ^^

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