12 Jan 2010

Daejeon: Snowing this morning.

Writing from my Daelim Tourist Hotel room, this morning I am headed to Pyeongtaek. That's coz my australian friend, Hyun-Ju is currently there.. It's not really Pyeongtaek, but Anjoong, an even smaller surburb nearby.

Last night, I took the subway (the only one, that is!) around Daejeon. It only goes in one direction, so you could not really get lost, except if you were to go shopping in the underground shopping mall (plenty a lot here in South Korea!). When this morning came, it is now snowing outside from the last I checked this morning.

I have taken trouble to really bundle up as CNN reports that temperatures will be dipping towards the middle of this week, and stabilizing by the end of the week. -14 degrees celcius in Seoul, it reports! Isn't that just scary?

Ok, will be leaving the Daelim Tourist Hotel in an hour's time. Let's hope it's not cold there.

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