9 Jan 2010

Damyang: Winter @ Bamboo Park

Its 19:42 now. It has not been snowing the past few days, so I can guess that the temperature has stabilized for at least this week. It was definitely a good day to be outdoors today.

After a lazy day out yesterday of nothingness, today I met up with Matt and one of his friends at 11am.

Breakfast was an order of don katsu, kimchi stew (Matt's order) and mine was bulgogi at this KIMBAP NARA shop.

After that, we headed to the city downtown via cab from Chonnam University to Shinsegae Departmental Store, located beside the Gwangju Bus Terminal. Shinsegae, was Shinsegae, and being a departmental store, everything was relatively beyond what I could afford!!

We went eye shopping (konglish for *window shopping) -- and had a walk around the place.

After much precipitation & discussion, we decided to head to the "Juk-Nuk-Gwan" (Bamboo Garden) in Darmyang. The journey took about an hour on the road by bus.

The scenery was very beautiful as the colours of the green bamboos were brought out by the white snow. We also made a snowman and took pictures.

After the Bamboo Garden, we headed over to the water reservoir-cum-river located on the opposite side.

As the water was not flowing, it was easier for the top surface of it to freeze. We jumped on some rocks where the water was flowing, and then walked over to the other side and jumped to the frozen lake. Some young men were even seen fishing in the cold winter. They broke the ice with some picks and hung a fishing rod on top --- hoping to catch some grub? Heh.

For dinner, Matt ordered this dish with a rather strong korean flavour-- which I had not idea what it was called..... I think we are finally going to have sam-gyeop-sam tomorrow. Matt really has ajeoshhi country-style boy taste options. LOL.

After that we sent me back to the motel I was at. Matt informed the motel caretaker that I was extending my stay and I paid for the motel charges.

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