4 Jan 2010

South Korea snowed in.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Seoul on the early morning flight from Jeju-Do. Actually, I might even fly straight to Gwangju.. depending on the time I can reach the airport.... Hmmm..

Jeju-Do has been lucky to not have been snowed in (at least at the Jeju Lotte Hotel) as it is the the island apart from the main land so the temperature here has been much warmer but nonetheless still as cold.

There has been some changes to my plans with the snowing in of South Korea. Snow is as high as 15cm in the south part of South Korea. Just have to bundle up before leaving for outdoors.

Today we went to check out local sights in Jeju-Do. There was this caved in "dead volcano" which we went to visit. I didn't walk up it as the winds were pretty cold.

The tour also went to the horse riding farm... but as I do not like sitting on moving things which I do not have much control of, I'd rather be safe than sorry (unlike what happened to Christopher Reeve, thank you very much).

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