20 Jan 2010

South Korean: Laneige @ Duty-Free Dongdaemun.

DONGDAEMUN @ 15th January 2010
The next day, I decided to head over to Dongdaemun, which was about 15 mins walk from where I was boarding at Sinseol-Dong. So on a wintery cold frosty morning, I took a walk down to Dongdaemun. It was just one way straight from Seoul Backpackers, and I had to cross a few streets.

The ARITAUM shop is next to DOOTA! mall, and next to it was Skin Food, Etude House, and Innis Free.


White Plus Renew Apple Zone Mask. (65,000 Won).

Hydra Solution Trial Kit, (in place of tax returns!)
samples of Strawberry Yogurt Mask,
Water Sleeping Mask (80ml)

This came in a set at the shop in Dongdaemun I went to. The Eye Mask was not for sale, so instead of getting the Day & Night Eye Cream separately, I bought it in a set, which was cheaper.  It was lucky I bought it there, as at the Incheon Airport, there was no such special deal!! Lucky Me!!

The SA in this shop in Dongdaemun spoke Mandarin. Granted, most touristy shops will be allocated bilingual or foreign staffed SAs, as it is more frequented by travellers. 

As the title of this entry suggests, this shop in Dongdaemun is supposed to be duty-free. However, for some strange reason, the SA told me that it did not apply here. How much was the tax-returns? 8,000won. So instead of returning the tax free, I believe she must have spoken to the Manager, who told her to load me with more samples instead.

She gave me two of the Hydra Solution Test Kits, which my search on the internet sourced that it costs about RM25, or about 8,000won per test kit. Umm... okay.. if that is what it says..


Jean said...

I wan see photos!!!
actually 100won is equal to how much in RM??

CY said...

100 KRW = RM 0.30

1,000 KRW = RM3.00

You do the math.

The connection is a bit slow, so pictures may take a while.

Zoe said...

then the duty free laneige is a lot cheaper lor there? but is it bcz of it's a duty free? or in every laneige shop?

CY said...

Duty Free only in certain shops. There has to be a duty-free sticker in front of the shop.

Sometimes the tax return is done on the spot, but sometimes you'd have to take the receipt (and some procedures) and get your tax returns at the Incheon Airport.

It depends on the shop, as well as the location.

Des Doligosa said...

Hi! I'm trying out the Laneige Hydra Solution mask sheets, I do hope it will suit me. Moving forward, I hope to try the full skin care lines. :) I'll look through your site for more Laneige posts. :)

Best Regards!
Des of chicsassymom.com