16 Jan 2010

Dongdaemun: More Shopping...!

Today is my second final day in South Korea.

To celebrate my leave, I finally did more shopping to end it.

I found this link that says there are shops in the Incheon Airport that sells the normal korean skincare.

woo hoo... I can just sleep in and pack my luggage tomorrow. Need no further to travel elsewhere tomorrow then.  ^^

Anyways, I did a bit more shopping by walking to Dong-daemun by foot. It was the same spot that my tour group had brought me to, so I was familiar with the area as I had spent almost an hour walking around the malls there >.<

More Laneige. More sheet masks. and two packs of Ho-Ddeok for about 2,190 won each at Home Plus Express nearby.

Before heading to visit Hyun-Ju in Yeokgok, I made a stop-over visit to Yeongdeongpu Station. Located near its exits are two departmental stores, Lotte, and Shinsegae. Shinsegae has two complexes, and they ARE huge!! Both departmental stores retail high premium priced brands and cosmetics.

I just found out that E-Mart is a subsidiary discount store chain under Shinsegae.

This evening I went to Yeokgok to visit Jo and her family. She and her niece, Silby, were arriving down from Anjoong, the sleepy town where I had just come from on Wednesday. I could locate Hyun-Ju's home, but had trouble looking for the right apartment. LOL.

We had dinner in Hyun-Ju's home, and Eun Hyung (her sis-in-law) has conceived! What good news! ^^

After a lovely seafood dinner and reunion (of sorts), we headed to TESCO Home Plus. It was truly amazing to visit the same familiar spots I had been to the year before, to see that not much has changed. >.<

Three of us did a bit more shopping, and I was truly amazed to find that SOJU retails for as little as 880 won for tetra-packed and canteen type bottle sizes in TESCO Home Plus. LOL.

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